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NCVS in the Media

15 April 2015

Army Psychologist's Death Spurs New Findings on Vets' Suicide Risk

psych central logoSource: Psych Central
Story by: Rick Nauert
Dr. Bryan discusses the relationship between exposure to killing and death while deployed and suicide risk following an Army psychologist's suicide.

10 April 2015

Exposure to killing and death while deployed is connected to suicide risk

news medical logoSource: News Medical
Dr. Bryan discusses the relationship between exposure to killing and death while deployed and suicide risk.

8 April 2015

Military suicide experts: Ted Nugent's vet claims 'distorted,' 'ridiculous'

vets hq logoSource: Vets HQ
Dr. Bryan and other military suicide experts respond to Ted Nugent's claim that veterans are committing suicide because they believe President Obama "is the enemy."

30 Mar 2015

Risk and Resiliency in Veterans

Source: Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Teachers College Columbia University
In this interview Dr. Bryan discusses his current research and addresses the role of spirituality as a protective factor in suicide prevention.

4 Mar 2015

Cognitive behavioral therapy used to address military suicides

alta mira recovery programs logoSource: Alta Mira Recovery Programs
Story by: Alta Mira
A joint study between the University of Memphis, the University of Utah, and the University of Texas looking at the impact of brief-cognitive behavioral therapy on active-duty soldiers who had attempted suicide in the past or were at risk of attempting suicide. The study showed that those who had received the therapy were 60 percent less likely to have attempted suicide within a 2 year follow up period.

20 Feb 2015

Wounds of war are often hidden, deadly

ksl logoSource:
Story by: Sandra Olney
Dr. Bryan talks about suicide risk among veterans including the disconnect some veterans feel from those around them, leading them to feel they don't fit in and others don't understand what they've been through.

18 Feb 2015

Rounds: Rural Hot Springs VA site good for PTSD treatment

rapid city journalSource: Rapid City Journal
Story by: Jim Stasiowski Journal staff
Dr. Bryan comments on the possible impact of using the location of Hot Springs for a VA site to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

18 Feb 2015

Talk Therapy May Cut Suicide Rate Among U.S. Soldiers: Study

medicine net dot com logoSource:
Story by: Robert Preidt
Dr. Bryan gives an explanation of brief-cognitive behavioral therapy for active-duty soldiers at-risk of committing suicide.

16 Feb 2015

University case study shows 60 percent drop in soldier suicide attempts

stars and stripes logoSource: Stars and Stripes
Story by: Jane Roberts
Case study shows a 60 percent reduction in suicide attempts for active duty soldiers who went through brief-cognitive behavioral therapy.

16 Feb 2015

Study Finds Therapy Helps Prevent Suicide in the Military

kuer 90.1 logoSource:
Story by: Andrea Smardon


13 Feb 2015

Short-term psychological therapy dramatically reduces suicide attempts among at-risk soldiers

Source: MedicalXpress

22 Jan 2015

'Hidden' Brain Damage Seen in Vets With Blast Injuries

health finder dot govSource: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Study shows damage in veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars who were injured by improvised explosive devices.

17 Dec 2014

Landmark Military Suicide Prevention Study Approved by Congress

financial planning logoSource:
Story by: Ann Marsh
Dr. Bryan talks about the impact financial burdens may have on suicide in veterans.

23 Nov 2014

N.J. Army National Guard grapples with three suicides after decade of none

new jersey dot comSource:
Story by: Christopher Baxter
New Jersey's recent suicides in the national guard highlight risk factors in young soldiers who have not deployed or been in combat.

20 Nov 2014

Veterans face another battle: Paying for college

cnbcSource: CNBC
Story by: Kelley Holland
Dr. Bryan and AnnaBelle Bryan talk about the difficulties many veterans face when trying to use government benefits to pay for college.

8 Nov 2014

Veterans Day Deals to Honor All Military Personnel

liberty voice logoSource: Guardian Liberty Voice
Story by: Cherese Jackson
Dr. Bryan talks about 60 percent reduction in suicide attempts for active duty soldiers who went through brief-cognitive behavioral therapy.

4 Nov 2014

Suicide Risk: Relationship to Combat Exposure

military families learning network logoSource: Military Families Learning Network
Story by: Jay Morse & Heidi Radunovich
Study shows a relationship between combat exposure and suicide risk in veterans.

25 Oct 2014

Tami's Torment: 'Suicides are a problem in the Guard'

argus leader logoSource: Argus Leader
Story by: Steve Young
Article on suicide in the National Guard.

10 Oct 2014

The Challenges Facing Soldiers After Combat

psychology today logoSource: Psychology Today
Story by: Jack Pemment
Dr. Bryan discusses crucial issues veterans face and what counselors can do to help.

16 Sep 2014

US soldiers are more likely to kill themselves than be killed in combat

Story by: Anand Katakam
Dr. Bryan talks about weaknesses of self-report measures in predicting suicide in the military.


31 Aug 2014

Older Vets Committing Suicide at Alarming Rate

military dot com logoSource:
Story by: Bryant Jordan
Injuries to limbs, migraine headaches or any other condition that carries with it chronic pain all increase a person's risk of suicide. "But only if they also have depression . . . It's not the event itself, the injury, it's what you associate with it, how you perceive it limiting your ability and your identity." said Bryan.

6 July 2014

The Family Left Behind

aljazeera logoSource: AlJazeera America
Story by: Tristan Ahtone
"We know that in the military as a whole, amongst veterans, those who live in rural areas definitely have worse access to care," said Dr. Craig Bryan. "It actually seems to be compounded among native groups that live on reservations, where it's even more rural than what we might typically think of as rural."

10 June 2014

Hill combats suicide trend on base

standard examiner logoSource: Standard Examiner
Story by: Dana Rimington
Bryan said when it comes to suicide prevention, don't wait to hear someone say they want to kill themselves. "Listen for coded language of self-hatred with the absence of resiliency. Those are the words people will use to communicate that things aren't going well, and that is the time to get involved."

2 June 2014

Town hall addresses suicide prevention

hill air force base logoSource: Hill Air Force Base
Story by: Richard W. Essary
Town hall addresses suicide prevention and those who have been impacted by it.


31 May 2014

Hospitals brace for challenges serving more veterans

modern healthcare logoSource: Modern Healthcare
Story by: Virgil Dickson
The Obama administration's new policy of referring more veterans for care outside the overwhelmed Veterans Affairs health system could end up straining non-VA hospitals because of potential lags in payment and patient needs that civilian providers aren't necessarily prepared to handle.

21 May 2014

Utah veterans discuss health care access issues

fox13Source: Fox 13
Story by: Max Roth
Utah VA better than many but still has room for improvement. "From my contacts within some of the higher officers of the VA, two and a half years ago when I first moved here they said, 'Oh, that's one of our best VA's,'" Bryan said.

19 May 2014

Suicide rate for veterans far exceeds that of civilian population

center for public integrity logoSource: The Center for Public Integrity
Story by: Jeff Hargarten
War can exact a heavy toll on the mental health of soldiers, but veterans have the same risk factors for suicide as the general population, said Dr. Craig Bryan. Those factors include feelings of depression, hopelessness, post-traumatic stress disorder, a history of trauma and access to firearms.

25 Apr 2014

Reserve, Guard Soldiers Committing Suicide at Higher Rates

defense one logoSource:
Story by: Ben Watson
The Pentagon has some mixed news on military suicides: there was an overall decline of roughly 15 percent in 2013. But, in a likely reflection of the increased strain on America's reserve component over the past 12 years, more Army National Guard and Reserve soldiers took their life last year than those on active duty, according to the Associated Press.

30 Mar 2014

National study shows military suicide rates climbing; Utah no exception

deseret news logoSource: Deseret News
Story by: Madeleine Brown
"Would I say that (suicide) attempts have gone up? Absolutely," said Dr. Scott Hill, chief of mental health for the VA Salt Lake City Health Care System.

12 Feb 2014

U of M and University of Utah partner for veterans

memphis business journal logoSource: Memphis Business Journal
Story by: Michael Sheffield
As an urban-serving research university, the University of Memphis is well positioned to help expand the reach and impact of the important work of the NCVS.

02 Feb 2014

Army program helps soldier choose life over suicide

usa today logoSource: USA Today
Story by: Gregg Zoroya
The experimental study sponsored by the Defense Department and conducted by the National Center for Veterans Studies at the University of Utah and the University of Memphis, is one small piece of an array of efforts to stem suicides.

31 Jan 2014

Navy Yard gunman's doctor before rampage: "No problem there"

cbs news logoSource: CBS News
The gunman who killed 12 people in last year's rampage at Washington's Navy Yard lied so convincingly to Veterans Affairs doctors before the shootings that they concluded he had no mental health issues despite serious problems and encounters with police during the same period, according to a review by The Associated Press of his confidential medical files.

31 Jan 2014

Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard shooter, fooled Veterans Affairs doctors

abc7logoSource: ABC 7 News Washington, D.C.
Story by: The Associated Press


31 Jan 2014

Suicides in the Army decline sharply

usa today logoSource: USA Today
Story by: Gregg Zoroya
Efforts such as this one conducted by the National Center for Veterans Studies at the University of Utah and the University of Memphis are part of complex efforts by the Army to reduce suicides.

10 Sept 2013

Traumatic Brain Injuries Linked to Higher Suicide Rates

ksl logoSource: KSL News
Story by: Peter Rosen
After sustaining an injury, we see increased rates of insomnia, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. All of these are risk factors for suicide as well, explains Craig Bryan.

July 22, 2013

Monitoring social media to cut the military suicide rate

boston globe logoSource: The Boston Globe
Story by: Karen Weintraub
Dr. Craig Bryan said that the coded language of the suicidal often includes phrases such as "You'd be better off without me," "I messed everything up," and "I can never be forgiven for my mistakes."
Moreover, behaviors such as buying a gun or giving away belongings can help to identify at-risk veterans and are often reported on social media, Bryan said.

15 May 2013

Baffling Rise in Suicides Plagues the U.S. Military

new york times logoSource: New York Times
Story by: James Dao
Craig Bryan describes that while any one variable in isolation doesn't explain why suicide rates are rising, the interaction of all of them do. That's what makes it very difficult to solve the problem.

7 April 2013

VA Drive To Hire 1,600 Mental Health Professionals Hits Community Clinics' Supply

kaiser health newsSource: Kaiser Health News
Story by: Guy Gugliotta
The Department of Veterans Affairs has vowed to hire 1,600 additional mental health care professionals by the end of June. Several experts, including David Rudd, expressed misgivings about the overall effect of the VA initiative on the delivery of mental health care.

13 Feb 2013

Suicides killing more soldiers than combat

examiner dot comSource:
Story by: Molly Zelvonberg
The trauma of war continues to haunt many, it creates and modifies a person to be silent and detached. David Rudd discusses the soldiers fighting the demons from within.

13 Feb 2013

'Something is clearly missing' in VA mental health care

nbc newsSource: NBC News
Story by: Bill Briggs
David Rudd testified before the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs.

25 Jan 2013

Utah center: experiencing assault linked to military suicide

salt lake tribSource: The Salt Lake Tribune
Story by: Kristen Moulton
A recent study by Dr. Craig Bryan finds that military personnel who have been the victims of interpersonal violence are more likely to have made a suicide attempt or recently thought about suicide.

24 Jan 2013

Physical, sexual assault may raise soldiers' suicide risk

nbc newsSource: MSNBC
Story by: HealthDay News
A recent study by Dr. Craig Bryan finds that military personnel who have been the victims of interpersonal violence are more likely to have made a suicide attempt or recently thought about suicide.

17 Jan 2013

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder cases overwhelm Veteran Affairs

rtPTSD cases continue to rise rapidly within the VA. Dr. David Rudd talks with RT America about this issue.



14 Jan 2013

Military suicide rate rises but remains below national average

world magazineSource: WORLD Magazine
Story by: Angela Lu
Although the military suicide rate has continued to rise, it remains below that of the civilian population, Pentagon officials say. David Rudd describes two main categories of troops who are committing suicide at an accelerating pace.

20 Dec 2012

Military suicide among Soldiers who haven't deployed

pri logoSource: Public Radio International's The World
Story by: Sarah Childress
Increased attention is being given to the fact that most military personnel who die by suicide have never deployed. Dr. Craig Bryan helps to explain this issue.

21 Sep 2012

Walz Highlights Suicide Prevention for Veterans at Bipartisan Forum

congressman tim walzSuicide has become an epidemic amongst veterans, especially those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2009 suicide was cited as the third leading cause of death among Army personnel.

20 Sep 2012

Substance Abuse Up Among Active Duty Personnel

minnesota public radioSource: Minnesota Public Radio
Interview by: Kerri Miller
New studies show that rates of prescription drug misuse and binge drinking among active duty personnel is on the rise.

1 Sep 2012

Unique University Center Researches Veterans Issues

veterans of foreign warsSource: VFW Magazine
Story by: Kelly Gibson
Several NCVS projects, initiatives, and collaborations are highlighted in the September 2012 issue.

1 Aug 2012

2012 APA Convention Opening Session Address

apa logoSource: American Psychological Association
The introductory video for the APA's annual convention references several initiatives and projects involving the NCVS.


23 Jun 2012

U. Study: Combat Puts Soldiers at High Suicide, PTSD Risk

salt lake trib logoSource: The Salt Lake Tribune
Story by: Kristen Moulton
Dr. David Rudd's recent study linking combat exposure to increase suicide risk and Dr. Craig Bryan's recent study identifying the primary motivations for Soldiers' suicide attempts are described, along with other NCVS initiatives.

12 Jul 2012

Suicidal Soldiers

aljazeeraSource: Aljazeera English
Dr. David Rudd discusses increases in military suicides and how the military culture can contribute to service members' reluctance to seek out assistance.


10 Jul 2012

Study Reveals Top Reason Behind Soldiers' Suicides

usa todaySource: USA Today
Article by: Gregg Zoroya
Dr. Craig Bryan discusses the results of NCVS research finding the most frequently-reported reason for attempting suicide among active Soldiers is to relieve emotional pain and suffering.

25 June 2012

Why modern soldiers are more susceptible to suicide

nbc logoSource: NBC News
Story by: Bill Briggs
The armed forces mourned a grim toll in 2012 when more troops took their own lives than died in combat. "We need to look at the big picture to really understand what's going on today, but we all too often lose historical perspective," said David Rudd, who testified before Congress on the issue last month.

25 June 2012

The Importance of Instilling Hope

time logoSource: TIME Magazine
Story by: Elspeth Cameron Ritchie
David Rudd presented a fascinating analysis of programs that seem to be effective in curbing suicide. The message was pretty simple: instill hope.

19 Jun 2012

Military Suicide Rate Surges to Nearly One Per Day in 2012

minnesota public radioSource: Minnesota Public Radio
Interview by: Kerri Miller
Dr. David Rudd discusses the recent surge in military suicides during the first six months of 2012, and how mental health stigma contributes to this continuing issue.

12 Jun 2012

Military Suicides on the Rise

kcrw logoSource: KCRW
Host: Warren Olney
Dr. David Rudd joins a discussion about the continual rise of military suicides during the first six months of 2012, and addresses how the military culture can get in the way of help seeking among service members.

20 Mar 2012

Blame Unrealistic Expectations

new york times logoSource: New York Times
Article by: M. David Rudd
Dr. David Rudd writes a response to a question in the New York Time's "Room for Debate" section about whether or not the U.S. military should reinstitute the draft to reduce military PTSD rates.

2 Mar 2012

Military Fitness: On a Mission to Save You

mens health logoSource: Men's Health Magazine
Article by: Ben Court & Bob Drury
Dr. Craig Bryan describes the early indicators of depression among military personnel and simple strategies to improve one's sleep.

30 Jan 2012

Military Suicides Declining

minnesota public radioSource: Minnesota Public Radio
Interview by: Kerri Miller
Dr. Craig Bryan discusses recently released statistics suggesting Army suicides have stopped rising and recommends caution in interpreting these data.

19 Jan 2012

Suicides spike again at Fort Hood

austin american-statesman logoSource: Austin American-Statesman
Story by: Jeremy Schwartz
Suicides among active duty Soldiers stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, increased during 2012. Dr. Craig Bryan explains recent research to shed light on this trend.

15 Jan 2012

Utah Conversations with Ted Capener

ted capener on kued channelSource: KUED Channel 7 (PBS, Salt Lake City)
Interview by: Ted Capener
Dr. David Rudd discusses the doubling of suicides among active duty military during the past 10 years, along with current efforts to combat this growing tragedy.

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