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Analyses Of Risk And Protective Factors For Trauma-Related Events


Principal Investigator(s):

Craig J. Bryan, PsyD, ABPP, National Center for Veterans Studies
National Center for Veterans Studies
Mary McNaughton-Cassill, PhD, University of Texas San Antonio

Funding Agency:

San Antonio Life Sciences Institute

Collaborating Institutions:

University of Texas at San Antonio


Closed to enrollment


In this anonymous survey study, we are seeking to identify factors that protect against mental health problems, especially posttraumatic stress disorder, among active duty Air Force personnel who have experienced a range of potentially traumatic events (e.g., combat, sexual assault). To date, we have found that certain types of belongingness, positive self-regard, and a strong sense of meaning or purpose in life are associated with less severe emotional distress and suicidal ideation.



Last Updated: 3/11/18