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Current Workshops 


The first portion of the workshop provides intensive training in core competencies for the clinical care of suicidal patients, including general interpersonal dynamics, standardization of suicide-related terminology, and documentation strategies. The workshop then provides a detailed, step-by-step review of the 12-session brief cognitive behavioral therapy (BCBT) treatment protocol. Practical strategies for effective treatment delivery are provided using case examples, role plays, and skills practice, which illustrate concepts and interventions. Participants will receive a copy of the BCBT manual for future use with patients.
The first half of the workshop provides didactic knowledge about suicide, the development of the crisis response plan intervention, and its empirical support, all of which are designed to increase clinician knowledge. The second half of the workshop includes clinical demonstrations by the instructor and skills practice by attendees, which are designed for clinicians to acquire skill competency.

Military life is like no other occupation or life experience, and no one knows more abou this service and sacrifice than another veteran.

The mission of Utah Comrades is to stand with our brothers and sisters in arms and to help connect them and their families to needed resources with confidentiality and ease. The veterans who volunteer are trained to help address the issues facing veterans and their families: Education, employment, legal, and mental or physical health concerns.

Volunteer Veteran Support Program created to connect veterans with the resources they need.



Workshops and Training

If you are interested in scheduling one of the workshops, please email The National Center for Veteran Studies.

The NCVS additionally provides "customized" workshops and presentations upon request.

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Last Updated: 4/17/18