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We believe in research, education, outreach, and advocacy for improving the lives of veterans, and better positioning these skilled, experienced and well-trained veterans for continued service that further advances American values, prosperity, and security. Please help us continue to support veterans and the National Center for Veterans Studies and make a donation today.
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Highlighted Project

R&R Program

NCVS teams up with the National Ability Center to offer a 2 week program free of charge for military personnel with PTSD and their families to stay in Park City, receive empirically based treatment, and enjoy the natural wonders Utah has to offer. For inquiries, please email or call 801-587-7978.

Extended Free Training

Free Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Suicide Risk training in Salt Lake City

Dr. Craig Bryan will teach a free training for mental health providers on BCBT for suicide risk in Salt Lake City. Read more>

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In The News

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National program helps soldiers learn to cope with PTSD

A recent spotlight on the R&R Program, designed for service members and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Its aim is to help them lead stable lives and, in the most extreme cases, prevent suicide.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Military Suicide Prevention

NCVS Director Craig Bryan's latest research evaluates the effectiveness of brief cognitive-behavioral therapy for the prevention of suicide attempts in military personnel.

Featured Videos

Ride to Zero: A Suicide Prevention Fundraiser Event

FAQ's with Dr. Bryan| Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Military Suicide Prevention

NCVS Director Dr. Craig Bryan's latest treatment results show a 60% decrease in military suicide attempts.

Last Updated: 11/10/17